United in Humanity

United in Humanity

01 / Why actually?

Imagine the whole world playing on the same team...

We believe that sport can change the world.

Our United in Humanity program is an initiative that aims to make sport accessible to all people. Because sport is not just physical exercise. Sport is also passion, irrepressible joy. learning for life. light in dark hours.

We have to get together for that.
Because only together can we achieve great things.

We will not be able to solve all of the world's problems. But if we manage to put a smile on just one person's face, then we know:

it was worth it.

02 / How it works

How it works:

01 / ₽

Show your colors with our United in Humanity hoodies and t-shirts.

02 / ₪

The profit from the sale of these products goes 1:1 into the UIH pot .

03 / ¢

We continuously support social sports projects from the pot.

current project

03 / The products

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In detail: your UIH contribution

and returns
Profit = Your UIH contribution

04 / Current project

The Frodeno Fun(d) was founded in 2021 by Jan Frodeno and his wife Emma. The project strengthens the local community in Salt (Spain), for example by building a pump track for children and young people. They should have the opportunity to take a break from everyday life in a safe environment, to have fun together and to develop personally and socially through sport.

We are happy to support the Frodeno Fun(d) for a longer period of time.
With your purchase of a United in Humanity product, you are currently enabling the purchase of protectors and equipment for the children and young people on site.

Here you can find out more about Frodeno Fun(d).

05 / Past projects

01 /

In the past few years we have supported the Viva con Agua Ride4Water with great pleasure. Many of you took part and collected bike kilometers for a good cause. In 2022 we were able to further advance the Viva con Agua drinking water project in Uganda.

02 /

World Bicycle Relief has set itself the task of making people with bicycles sustainably mobile so that they can cover long distances more easily.
With your help, twenty bicycles could be purchased.

03 /

The ReBuild ReRow project is dedicated to the reconstruction of a rowing training center in Beirut, which was completely destroyed by the devastating explosion there in summer 2020. With our UIH program we were able to support the work on site.