Washing Guide für langlebige Sportbekleidung

Washing guide for durable sportswear

The demand for the highest quality and the effort to maintain this can be promoted by washing correctly. Proper washing is an important aspect so that all functions remain optimal and the longevity of our products is guaranteed. We will show you the best way to wash our clothes so that you can keep them for as long as possible.

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"Every wash cycle saved protects clothes and the environment"

Sportswear is often washed after each use without first checking whether this is necessary. Each saved wash not only reduces water consumption, but also makes your clothes last longer. In the case of stains, cleaning with a cloth or sponge is usually sufficient. Even base layers that are worn often do not have to be washed every time. The fibers used are odorless and airing is often enough to make your clothes feel fresh again. Especially the last layer of your clothing that has a waterproof DWR finish - like the Phantom Jacket - should be washed as little as possible to maintain full functionality.

Wash less

In most cases it is sufficient to wash the laundry at 30 degrees. It not only reduces energy consumption but also protects the fiber. Heat affects and damages yarn - the colder the better. The washing time also plays a role. The longer the washing program lasts, the more fibers break off. The short program is enough to get the clothes clean. In order to keep microfiber breakage as low as possible, the spin speed should also be set as low as possible. Especially with products made of merino wool or a merino wool blend, care should be taken to select a gentle wash cycle. The natural fiber cannot be harmed by not using fabric softener and by using a mild wash cycle.

Boys don't dry

The fibers we use, both synthetic and natural, are quick-drying materials and eliminate the need for dryers. Hang up your washed clothes as often as possible and do not use a tumble dryer, which damages the fibers with its enormous heat. An aspect that not only protects the material, but also reduces energy consumption. Products with taped seams, such as the Afire Swim Suit or the Myth Aero Sleeve Tri Suit, must not be put in the dryer as the high temperature will damage the seams and cause them to disintegrate.

washing guide, ryzon, guppyfriend

Save the fiber

Fiber breakage from washing not only shortens the longevity of your clothes, it also has a major impact on the environment. The broken fibers, i.e. the microplastics, get into the oceans through the wastewater and contribute to an unmanageable level of litter. By using a special washing bag, the Guppyfriend , the material is protected and the minimal microfibers are caught.

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