Triathlon Suits

A triathlon one-piece suit supports you with an optimal fit and innovative material when swimming, cycling and running over all distances. Whether you're training or doing an Ironman – with the perfect trisuit you'll always be in your element.

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  • Arise Sleeveless Tri Suit Women Arise Sleeveless Tri Suit Women

    Sleeveless Tri Suit Women Arise Series

    Abyss Blue
    Knight Black
    Regular price $290.00
    Regular price Sale price $290.00
  • Sleeve Tri Suit Bundle Arise Series

    Regular price $607.00
    Regular price $715.00 Sale price $607.00
  • Arise Sleeve Tri Suit Women Arise Sleeve Tri Suit Women

    Sleeve Tri Suit Women Arise Series

    Chocolate Melt
    Knight Black
    Turquoise Ash
    Abyss Blue

    Sleeve Tri Suit Women Arise Series

    Chocolate Melt
    Knight Black
    Turquoise Ash
    Abyss Blue
    Regular price $335.00
    Regular price Sale price $335.00
  • Signature Sleeve Tri Suit Women Signature Sleeve Tri Suit Women

    Sleeve Tri Suit Women Signature Series

    Purple Dawn
    Sunken Teal
    Knight Black

    Sleeve Tri Suit Women Signature Series

    Purple Dawn
    Sunken Teal
    Knight Black
    Regular price $234.00
    Regular price $335.00 Sale price $234.00
  • Verge Triathlon Graphene Suit Women Verge Triathlon Graphene Suit Women
    Soon available

    Triathlon Graphene Suit Women Verge Series

    Knight Black
    Sunken Teal
    Regular price $690.00
    Regular price Sale price $690.00
    Soon available again

The RYZON trisuit comparison – Which suit is best for you?

  • 6018XXKB

    The Verge

    High-performance suit that marks a new era of temperature regulation under the most challenging conditions.

  • 6017XXAB

    The Myth

    Multi-award-winning suit with excellent hydrodynamic and aerodynamic properties.

  • 6031XXTA

    The Arise

    Your companion for special moments on the track. A triathlon suit that combines comfort and compression.

Verge Aero Tri Race Suit

Our premium tri suit – developed with Jan Frodeno

This suit breaks records. Already on the hanger.

Because it not only contains eight years of development, but above all numerous innovative technologies. And all of this to enable you to achieve maximum performance in every element on the special days of the year.

Equipped with the Graphene Gridflow Technology, the Advanced Compartment System and premium materials from Italy, it ushers in a new era of triathlon suits.


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Myth Aero Sleeve Tri Suit

Ready for new best times with maximum hydro and aerodynamics

This suit creates probably the best balance the triathlon world has ever seen. With its outstanding hydro- and aerodynamic properties, it feels at home where we start counting seconds. At the same time, it offers maximum wearing comfort for several hours.

The origin of our triathlon suits.
Constantly evolving. Made for best times.


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Arise Sleeve Tri Suit

Our most minimalist triathlon suit

Every triathlon places the highest demands on us as athletes, but also on our equipment. And this suit fulfills them. Period.

Above all, the Arise Sleeve Tri Suit impresses with its supple material from France, which offers a comfortable feeling and at the same time sufficient support throughout the entire competition. The body-hugging fit minimizes friction points and ensures high aerodynamics on the bike. At the same time, the elastic material ensures ideal power development during the swim and the run.


Men's suit Women's suit

The perfect triathlon suit for you

Is your triathlon journey just beginning or are you embarking on the Ironman adventure? No matter where you stand: the right tri suit accompanies you on your mission. The advantages are obvious: you can wear the one-piece while swimming, running and cycling without wasting time changing in between. Whether in training or competition, on the middle or long distance: the well-thought-out features of the triathlon one-pieces from RYZON ensure that you never lose sight of your goal. The comfortable seat pad ensures comfort during long bike rides, but at the same time it doesn't get in the way when swimming or running. In the wide back pocket, you can easily carry food on your body in long-distance races.

However, there is one point where short distances are particularly important to us – in production and delivery. That's why we have all of our tri suits produced in Europe (Portugal). The triathlon suits are also REACH-compliant and bear the STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® label.

So if you want to buy a tri suit, you've come to the right place.

Everything at a glance

  • Breathable material with UV protection thanks to coldblack® technology
  • Perfect fit that provides compression and prevents friction
  • Improved aerodynamics for more speed
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The tri suit: An uncompromising all-rounder in the air and in the water

Nobody wants to lose time changing clothes during a competition. And why stock up on multiple kits when you can find everything you need in one triathlon suit?

Our Tri Suits combine everything you need for your training. A body-hugging, dynamic and compressive cut supports you without constricting you. Maximum freedom of movement is guaranteed, so that your strength can unfold completely freely.

Your second skin offers you effective protection against UV radiation and, thanks to its hydrodynamic properties, glides perfectly through the water while absorbing extremely little water. With taped seams and a flexible zipper with camlock slide mechanism, you can look forward to maximum comfort during training. In addition, specifically reinforced side panels prevent friction points even during long training sessions, so that you can deliver best times with a high degree of concentration and without distraction.

Triathlon suits for women and men

Almost all of our tri suits are unisex products. We have just expanded our range with the first one-piece suit for women. This Arise Sleeve Tri Suit Women is tailored specifically for women and supports your performance with dynamic compression. Of course, we keep the highly functional properties of our other suits and add a finishing touch that gives female triathletes speed and stability.

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What are the advantages of a triathlon suit?

Triathlon combines three disciplines: swimming, cycling and running. Normally, you would have to change clothes for each of these disciplines. However, a trisuit is equipped in such a way that you can wear it throughout the whole triathlon without wasting time and worrying about changing. So you can concentrate on the essentials: on the harmony between you and your body

Can you also swim in a triathlon one-piece suit?

Our trisuits are ideal for swimming – even without a wetsuit. The material absorbs little water and therefore does not weigh you down. Sometimes, open water swimming still requires a wetsuit. You can easily put it on over the thin and tight-fitting triathlon suit.

Are triathlon one-piece suits suitable for running?

Out of the water, onto the bike saddle and then into the running shoes. A triathlon suit must therefore meet very different requirements in order to support you in each of the three disciplines. When running, as when cycling, it is particularly important that the triathlon suit is breathable. For running, there's also a zipper on the chest that you can unzip while you run to breathe more easily. The highlight of a Ryzon trisuit: The zipper can be fixed halfway, so you can quickly and easily close it completely again.