Spring/Summer 2024 – a preview

A new era. Year for year.

Our collection for the warm months of 2024 is the result of eight years of constant development. Enabled by courageous decisions and the freedom to go our own way.

Last year we once again benefited greatly from the feedback from the Ryzon community. Many things turned out to be revolutionary, while others were allowed to go. That's part of it too.

And that's not the end. On the contrary. We can say that more exciting innovations await us in 2024 than ever before.

This is what awaits you

Transparency & clarity.
Product lines, series, outfits – we have tidied up so that you can find your way around even better.

New paths, new worlds.
Gravel? Interpretation.
Run? Progression.
Triathlon? Modification.
Also: Fresh colors and limited designs.

The best Ryzon support ever.
Performance, quality and aesthetics. More closely connected than ever – more uncompromising than ever.

The spring/summer 2024 products at a glance

  • Phantom Athletic Rain Jacket Men
  • Phantom Athletic Rain Jacket Women
  • Signature Cycling Rain Jacket Men
  • Signature Cycling Rain Jacket Women
  • Verge Aero Tri Race Suit
  • Myth Aero Sleeve Tri Race Suit
  • Arise Sleeveless Suit Men
  • Arise Sleeveless Suit Women
  • Arise Sleeve Tri Suit Men
  • Arise Sleeve Tri Suit Women Sonic Performance Running Set (Shorts + Top)
  • Phantom Running Series (Shorts + Shirt)
  • Venture Gravel Series (Cargo Bib Shorts + Shirt + Jersey)

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