Most Frequently Asked Questions

Where is my order?

You can see the current delivery status of your order in your customer account under Orders comprehend:

  1. Log in to your customer account.
  2. Select your desired order.
  3. Select your delivery and click on the button "tracking".

If it is still unclear where your package is currently located, you can contact us using the contact form and we help you as soon as possible.


Please note that refunds can only be made using the same payment method used for the Purchase has been used can be credited.

If you paid for your order with a gift card, the amount will always be credited to the Gift card refunded before any balance is paid out.

The refund process can take up to 14 days after receipt of your goods. If you see in the tracking that we have received your return, please let us know 14 days to check and credit the amount.

You can access the returns portal here.

Registration returns portal

You can return your ordered items for a refund up to 60 days from the invoice date. The returned goods must be in a salable condition. That means she has to - except for the purpose of trying on the product - be unused.

If possible, please return your products in their original packaging.

You can easily register your order in our returns portal. The returns portal can be found here: To the returns portal .

Warning: scam websites

There are scam websites pretending to sell original RYZON products. These online shops ask for your personal data during the ordering process and let you pay - but you never receive the promised goods. We are already taking legal action against these fake shops, but the process is lengthy and not that easy.
Please ensure that you only ever order via our online store or via our app .

Help with your order

Damaged item

Should an item supplied by us be damaged or out of order in any way please use our contact form immediately and send us a message. The form can be found here: To the contact form

We will create a return label for you and of course a new product for you send.

Please note that this only applies to products that are already in their original, unworn condition are defective and the damage was already present at the time of delivery.

For all other damage, please contact our complaints service via the complaint form. You can find it here: To complaint form

    Wrong item, colour, size

    If you have received an incorrect product, please contact us immediately with the following Information:

    • Your order number
    • The product you received and the item number
    • Which product did you receive instead?
    • Image of wrong product if possible

    As soon as we have received the information, we will take care of your request and try to solve the problem to your satisfaction as soon as possible.

    Voucher and discount code

    If you would like to use a discount code, please enter it in the "Coupon or discount" field Code" on the Payment Methods page, or use the discount link. The discount will then be applied calculated automatically. Discount codes are only valid once and cannot be combined become.

    If you have a coupon code, enter the code in the "Coupon or discount code" field the Payment Methods page. Your updated total will then be calculated automatically. Gift vouchers once purchased cannot be credited. Please note:

    If you paid with a voucher, the amount will be refunded to you in the event of a return refunded the voucher.

    For refunds where a voucher has been used, the amount of the voucher refunded.

    Order confirmation
    The receipt of your order will be confirmed by email.

    We will send you a confirmation email when your order is shipped. The link is in this email stored for shipment tracking.

    Order incomplete
    If something is missing from your order, please contact us immediately with the the following information to ensure that we resolve this for you quickly and efficiently can:
    Your order number and name of the product you did not receive. As soon as we die information, we will take care of your request and try to solve the problem to be resolved to your satisfaction as soon as possible.
    Desired item sold out

    Don't worry, because there is still a good chance that we will restock the product receive. In principle, unfortunately, we cannot give you any precise information as to when and whether a item will be available again. However, we are happy to send you a reminder as soon as your item is back in stock. You can use the "Notify me" button to store that we will inform you automatically as soon as the article is available again. Deposit for this simply your email address.

    If you would like to receive more details about your product availability, you can also contact us contact via the contact form and we will try to help you as soon as possible.

    Pre-order products

    Pre-order items have not yet arrived in our warehouse at the time of your order. However, as they are already on their way from our producers to us, you can purchase them using the pre-order function. They will usually be shipped to you within a few weeks.

    If your order contains other, immediately available items, we will send these in advance as partial shipments.

    If you have any questions about your order or a waiting time of more than 21 days, you can also contact our customer service team at any time: Go to contact form

    We will inform you by email as soon as your pre-ordered product is on its way.


    We want you to pay for your order as simply and flexibly as possible it only works and therefore offer various payment options.
    Please note that we can only send your order if you have chosen one of the specified payment methods for your invoice have.
    You can find more information about our main payment methods at the bottom of the page.


    You can choose to pay via PayPal at the end of the online ordering process. Afterwards you will you are automatically redirected to the PayPal website for data entry.
    Please note that we will use your PayPal account immediately after sending the order burden.
    This requires that both your PayPal account limit and the available credit line of your payment method deposited with PayPal is sufficient.
    You can find more information about paying by PayPal here:

    If you want to make your payment via Klarna, the following steps must be taken are taken into account:
    • Select "Klarna" at the end of the online ordering process
    • You will now be automatically redirected to the Klarna website

    After a successful transfer, your order will be confirmed and processed.

    With Klarna you can place your orders by direct transfer, direct debit or credit card pay now.
    Or you also have the option of receiving your invoice within 14 days to pay and only pay for the items that you actually want to keep.

    You must be at least 18 years old to pay with Klarna and have a valid registered address and have a bank account.
    Klarna Pay Later is only available for customers in Germany, Austria, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Sweden, Denmark, Finland and Norway.
    Klarna Pay Now is only accessible to customers in Germany, Austria, the Netherlands and Sweden.
    If you have any further information about the If you need payment via Klarna, please contact Klarna Support at .

    Credit card
    You can pay by credit card at the end of the online ordering process choose. We accept Visa and Mastercard credit and debit cards.
    Sofort bank transfer
    If you would like to pay for your order via instant bank transfer, select "Sofort bank transfer" at the end of the checkout process and you will be redirected to securely complete your purchase. As soon as we receive the payment (usually within 24 hours), we will process your order and prepare the goods for shipment.
    Other payment options

    We also offer three different express payment options. These include: PayPal, Google Pay and Shop Pay.

    PayPal, Google Pay and Shop Pay require a corresponding customer account in which Information such as the delivery address, billing address and a means of payment (e.g credit card) are deposited. This information is transmitted to us in encrypted form, enabling a simplified and faster check-out.

    No customer account is required with Ivy - you only have to make the payment from your online banking authorize. Alternatively, you can also choose your credit card.


    Where do you deliver my order?

    We deliver to all countries served by our shipping partners DHL Paket and DHL Express become.

    Please note that for deliveries outside the EU, import taxes and customs duties are respective local authorities. It is a legal requirement that we declare the total value of the contents of all deliveries.

    Local import taxes and duties are collected by the supplier on behalf of the local customs authorities raised.

    The following applies to Switzerland:
    Since 08/08/22 we offer you one for you oriented web shop. The product price and the shipping costs already include the costs for the Customs and VAT included in your country.

    Do you ship to Switzerland?

    For shipping to Switzerland, please use our Swiss web shop. You can find it here: To the Swiss webshop

    Here you have the option to pay in Swiss francs.

    The prices shown in CHF already include all import fees such as customs or VAT duties. So you don't have to worry about anything anymore and the order will be sent to you delivered as if it were a domestic order.

    We take care of the customs costs, the registration of the goods and all import-related issues.

    If you have any further questions on this topic, you can simply fill out our contact form .

    How long does shipping take and what are the shipping costs?

    We usually deliver immediately available items within Germany in 2 - 4 working days.

    We offer you free shipping from the following purchase values:

    Country Estimated shipping time Shipping
    Germany 1 - 3 business days €5.00 (free shipping from €150.00)
    Switzerland 2 - 4 business days 10.00 CHF (free shipping from 150.00 CHF)
    EU 2-4 business days €10.00 (free shipping from €150.00)
    Rest of Europe 4-8 business days €24.99
    USA, Mexico, Canada 5 - 8 business days $20.00 USD (free shipping from 150.00 USD)
    UK 4-8 business days €9.95
    Rest of the world 5-10 business days €19.95 - €38.95
    Where is my order?

    You can see the current delivery status of your order in your customer account at Track orders:

    1. Log in to your customer account.
    2. Select your desired order.
    3. Select your delivery and click on the button "tracking".

    If it is still unclear where your package is currently located, you can contact us using the contact form and we will help you as soon as possible.

    Express Delivery

    We offer express shipping to the following countries:

    Please note that we do not have express delivery in Germany.

    Express delivery

    Country Shipping
    Switzerland 25.00 CHF
    Europe (incl. UK)
    €15.99 - €24,99
    USA $30.00 USD
    Can I change my shipping address later?

    During an order you can change your delivery address in the step "new delivery address Enter" change. Unfortunately, address changes are not possible for orders that have already been placed more is possible.

    However, you have two options:

    1. You can contact the selected shipping partner and try to ship your package to redirect.
    2. If the specified delivery address cannot be found or your shipment cannot can be delivered, the shipment is returned to us, checked and we refund you the amount after receipt of the shipment.

    If you still need help and support from us, you can contact us via the contact form and we will help you as soon as possible.

    Repairs, Complaints & Defective Items

    We are athletes and our shared passion for sport is what drives us. In Cologne, each of our products is developed by us down to the smallest detail, in close cooperation Manufactured with producers from Europe and then tested by us. All that with high-quality products and innovative technologies allow us and you to focus fully on this To focus here and now.
    Should it nevertheless happen that one of your RYZON products is defective or has defects, we offer you our complaints service. Often the entire product does not have to be replaced but can be repaired by us. In this way we conserve resources together and take care of it more sustainability in sport.

    You can find more information about our complaints service here:

    RYZON complaints service


    When is an item available again?
    If items are only temporarily out of stock, you can order them online Reservations. An estimated delivery date is then given there: If you option is not offered when purchasing your desired product, please contact our customer service . He will then give you possible options and provide more detailed information.
    What size do I need?

    You can find our size table here. If you need help choosing a size, please contact us directly: To the contact page


    Does RYZON have gift vouchers?

    You can buy vouchers in different values ​​here in our shop:
    €25, €50, €100, €150, €250, €400, €500

    To the gift vouchers

    Shopping opportunities

    Where can I buy RYZON products?

    We only sell our products directly to you. You can get them through our Online shop, via the RYZON app or in a buy from our stores . Besides that we are on the road every year with a part of the collection at trade fairs and events all over Europe.

    Warning: scam websites

    There are scam websites pretending to sell original RYZON products. These online shops ask for your personal data during the ordering process and let you pay - but you never receive the promised goods. We are already taking legal action against these fake shops, but the process is lengthy and not that easy.
    Please ensure that you only ever order via our online store or via our app .


    Where can I find out more about you?

    We are always happy to be part of media reports or exciting content formats be. The following links will give you further insights into our company and our work.

    What does direct selling mean?

    We've been selling our products directly to you since day one. Without dealer margin we can offer you the best product at the best price. That means, for example: made from certified fabrics on carefully selected production sites in Europe. We ship worldwide - without detours to you. At Questions or problems, we are your direct contact and can individually cater to your wishes.

    Where do your fabrics come from?

    The fabrics for our products come mostly from selected, certified ones Knitting and weaving in Europe. We source a few materials from Asia, because we don't yet have comparable quality in Europe for certain products have found.
    We are in close contact with the manufacturers and know them hence the exact origin of all our fabrics. In the meantime, we can also increasingly follow where the yarns of the materials come from - if not even themselves rotated by the fabric manufacturer.

    Where are you from?

    RYZON was founded in Cologne in 2016. To this day, our headquarters and our flagship store are right in the heart of Cologne - and it should stay that way.
    There are two more besides permanent stores in Munich and Girona (Spain). We are in other places in Europe always represented with temporary pop-up stores.
    The majority of our Products are made in Europe. This creates a spatial proximity to ours Producers that we appreciate very much.

    Who is behind RYZON?

    In 2016 Mario, Fabian and Markus founded RYZON. Read more about the history of the founding here. Since then, so much has happened and many like-minded people have joined the journey. You can find out who that is here under People behind the brand .

    What is important to you when developing your products?

    Our products represent a careful balance of functionality, comfort and demanding aesthetics. It is the result of extensive testing and constant Optimization. It is our aim to create new, highly functional sportswear every day to think and continue to raise standards through innovation and creativity. This also applies to responsible procurement and production. This we currently map most of it in Europe and can therefore do it at the same time a high quality in fit, processing and material of our products to guarantee.

    What does “corporate responsibility” mean to you?

    We are part of the clothing industry - and are therefore in one of the greatest areas of tension of our time. But instead of the problem, we want a part be the solution. We want the development of premium sportswear with act in a way that is oriented towards the common good and make decisions every day that we can represent 100%. By taking responsibility for our actions take over, we want to work with you to change the sportswear industry for the better change. By raising awareness, maximum transparency and careful handling with resources – on a social, economic and ecological level.

    What we already do

    The way is long. But we go with full conviction. Step by step.

    • Our clothing - and thus over 90% of the entire collection - is already Made entirely in the EU . By the applicable EU labor law allows us fair conditions in the production of our products and also guarantee short transport routes. benefit at the same time we are in close contact with our producers in Lithuania, Portugal, Romania, Italy, Czech Republic and Germany. A few accessories will Manufactured by our long-standing partners in Asia, as we have not had any yet could find comparable producers in Europe.
    • Most of our fabrics are already sourced from certified suppliers European embroidery and weaving and therefore always know exactly where and how these are produced. Increasingly, we can do that too trace the origin of the yarns.
    • Since 2020 we have been offsetting ours together with Climate Partner annual CO2 emissions from company operations. The includes direct emissions (electricity and heat generation, vehicle fleet, volatile gases) and indirect emissions from purchased energy, business travel and the Travel by employees ( more on CO2 neutrality at RYZON ). To further reduce our emissions, in June we 2022 changed the electricity provider for our headquarters in Cologne. We now obtain 100% from Polarstern Green electricity from hydropower .
    • We offer a repair service for damaged ones RYZON products and actively extend the life of your Clothing.
    • As part of our refurbished program, we work products with small flaws carefully and offer them at a discounted price at. In this way we give these products a new life together.
    • With the profit from the sale of United in Humanity Collection we support social sports projects worldwide.
    • We pack to ensure that your order is shipped as resource-efficiently as possible our products in reusable polybags made from 100% recycled plastic and use individually cut boxes.
    • We see it as our obligation to use external resources as well as resource "employees" to be careful. we live one Corporate culture in which everyone: r according to their own possibilities and potential can develop. Paves the way to self-efficacy and satisfaction self-determined, flexible and free work.

    The next steps

    We have already been able to implement a number of small and larger projects and so do our part contribute to a better and fairer sporting goods industry. But there still is much more to do.

    • To offer you maximum transparency about the origin of our products we are currently working on one together with retraced transparent supply chain . Find out where products come from and under what conditions they are made is from our point of view essential to raise awareness for the topic and in the long term bring about social change.
    • Indirect emissions occurring outside the company, such as from the Production of raw materials and preliminary products, external logistics and the Use and disposal of products are not yet part of our climate neutrality. We are already working on the next big step go and in the future also the emissions from the production of our compensate products .

    We, too, learn new things every day and approach new areas. if you If you have any questions or input on the subject of "corporate responsibility", please get in touch at any time at .

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