United as athletes

United as athletes

It's the extraordinary moments that allow us to bring about change, to stand up for something we believe in and to have faith in life.

Story of a Fighter.

Mohamad Maso used one of these special moments for himself. The Syrian-born triathlete found refuge in Germany after months of uncertainty and an undignified life in war-torn cities. “The war destroyed everything I had built up in 22 years. He made me start from scratch again. I do my best and work as hard as I can,” said the former student from Aleppo.


So what drives us to go out there every day? For most of us, it is the passion to test your limits and have new experiences. For Mohamad and many other athletes worldwide, what drives them is something much bigger - hope. The irrepressible belief that one's goals can be achieved if one works hard enough to achieve them.

Mohamad trains in Germany and the Netherlands and regularly takes part in the national triathlon leagues there. He represents his home country Syria in international competitions. 3000 kilometers away from his home, he still has the opportunity to stand up for his origins and to show the world that the bond between us humans is not determined by our nationality, but it is the inner conviction of each of us that defines it .

The Syrian has a vision: “I want to symbolize peace through my sport. Representing Syria at competitions makes me incredibly proud. Syrians are more motivated than ever and genuinely grateful for what the European community has done for us, the Syrian people.”

Tokyo 2020

Mohamad Maso_Schwimmer After regretfully missing the Rio de Janeiro 2016 Olympics due to his refugee status, Mohamad is now determined to compete with the best at the upcoming 2020 Summer Olympics in Japan.
He wants to show that through relentless commitment and the power of sport to unite people, it is possible to achieve extraordinary things.

United as athletes. United at heart.

We are proud to welcome Mohamad to the Ryzon community and support him on his journey.

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