Which material keeps me warmest when running in winter?

When running in winter, the material that keeps me warmest regulates my body temperature while wicking away moisture. Because who doesn't know it: When you run, you sweat quickly despite the cold and if you get out of breath, the sweat cools your body down even more. The best material for warm running clothing in winter is merino wool. Merino wool not only keeps you warmer than synthetic fibers, but is also very breathable and quickly wicks moisture away from the skin. This keeps your body dry and warm at the same time. Alternatively, functional clothing made of polyester or nylon with a fleece inside is also suitable. Although these fabrics are not as warm as merino wool, they are also breathable and have good insulation. Also, pay attention to the layers you wear. Depending on temperature and weather conditions, it may be a good idea to wear multiple layers so you can adjust as needed. A base layer made of breathable material, a warm middle layer and a wind- and water-repellent outer layer are ideal. Overall, choose the material for your running clothes carefully in winter to stay warm and dry. Are you looking for the right clothing for your runs in winter? At RYZON we develop performance running clothing for your best performance.