What do you wear under your cycling shorts?

Nothing is worn under the cycling shorts. Sounds weird at first? you heard me right Cycling shorts are designed so that you can wear them without additional underwear. And why all this? "Normal" underpants increase the risk of friction and thus the well-being when cycling can be significantly impaired.

The two central functions of cycling shorts are, on the one hand, to reduce pressure through the built-in seat pad and, on the other hand, to reduce the risk of friction. This can be influenced by selected materials, a good fit and also the cut. Normal underpants are not optimized for all these requirements and therefore represent a foreign body in the system. For optimal comfort when cycling, you leave out the underpants and rely entirely on your cycling shorts.

But why is wearing underwear under cycling shorts still a common misconception? Surprisingly, we are asked about it again and again. Obviously there is simply not enough transparency on this topic. We will clear that up below.

Good cycling shorts are the basic requirement for a pleasant bike tour. The cycling shorts not only have to have a good seat pad, but also a good fit. Cycling shorts should fit snugly, but not cut in or pinch. It should also be reinforced in the right places so that you have a good driving experience. The material is also important. Cycling shorts should be breathable and moisture-regulating to ensure optimal moisture transport. Sweat is quickly wicked away and the skin stays dry.

If you decide to go on a bike tour, you should make sure you wear the right clothes. Wearing cycling shorts without underwear may seem unfamiliar, but it is highly recommended for a pleasant riding experience and optimal comfort. Regardless of whether you are looking for cycling shorts for beginners or advanced users, at RYZON you will find a high-quality selection of cycling clothing .