Tech Lab // Aterra Performance Hybrid Pants

Tech Lab // Aterra Performance Hybrid Pants

The cold season has always held its own fascination for us. It is the time when the power of nature is omnipresent and presents us athletes with special challenges. Precipitation, cold, wind, short days and the comfort of home - at no other time of the year do we have to leave our comfort zone as often as in winter. And yet we do it because we have an inner urge: We are looking for a challenge, want to be one with ourselves and experience the elements in all their facets.

In order to support us athletes in the best possible way, the Ryzon Tech Lab has developed highly functional running pants especially for the rough season, which withstand the toughest conditions, are extremely light and offer maximum freedom of movement: the Aterra Performance Hybrid Pants. A product for the highest demands with a fit tailored to the special requirements and a specially developed material - made in Portugal.

When developing the pants, the Tech Lab faced a particular challenge because they wanted to combine supposedly contradictory properties in a high-performance product: the running pants had to be suitable for very cold temperatures, withstand small showers and wind, and be robust. At the same time, it should remain light and dynamic, with maximum comfort and freedom of movement. Important factors were also high breathability and optimal thermoregulation, even during intensive training. Last but not least, the pants should be versatile.

We finally found the solution in a specially developed fabric and an innovative construction method.
The basis is a water- and wind-repellent main material. This has been continuously developed since the introduction of the Hybrid Pants. The latest generation uses a 4-way stretch softshell material as the main material, which is lighter, stretchier, windproof and more water-repellent than its predecessor.
The lotus effect is used to protect against moisture: Thanks to an ecological DWR coating patented by our Italian supplier, drops of water roll off the surface of the trousers. This effect is supported by taped seams. The very dense weave of the material ensures high abrasion values ​​and protection from the wind.

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Essential for cold days: a specially developed flocking on the inside of the pants stores body heat and protects us from cooling down. In addition, it creates a pleasant, soft feeling on the skin. For ideal thermoregulation, the flock is not applied over the entire surface, but in a honeycomb pattern with cut-out areas that promote air passage. In this way, an optimal balance is achieved between generating heat and creating a comfortable microclimate.
With regard to the fit of the trousers, the standard was to create maximum freedom of movement without having to make major compromises in terms of performance and dynamics. Therefore, they agreed on a fitting but not too tight cut and decided to combine the advantages of tights with those of loose pants.
This ultimately resulted in an innovative construction with a tight calf section and a looser fit on the thighs. Complemented by the new, more elastic main material, additional stretch inserts on the sides and inner leg and a knee overlap, a hybrid has matured that brings dynamics, performance, comfort and freedom of movement into an ideal balance.

Another advantageous feature is the individually adjustable zips on the leg ends, which make it easier to put on the pants and provide additional freedom of movement if desired. Zippered pockets on both sides and on the back store our most important items without adding bulk when running.
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The Aterra Performance Hybrid Pants are the right choice for everyone who is looking for a versatile high-performance product for their individual running moments in the cold season. With its water- and wind-repellent properties, it is also suitable for the transition seasons. Last but not least, the loose cut and the simple design ensure a cool look that is definitely suitable for everyday use.

The Aterra Performance Hybrid Pants are manufactured in Portugal.

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