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Clean racing bike

When the winter says goodbye and the spring-like weather slowly sets in, our anticipation of long road bike tours in nature increases. Because if we are completely honest, cycling in cool temperatures, snow or rain, despite warm clothing, is less fun than in sunshine and rising temperatures.

But before you can enjoy your first ride, our racing bikes deserve cleaning and proper care.

cleaning the racing bike

Do something good for your racing bike and clean it thoroughly. Old dirt can lead to wear. That's why the first step is to clean the frame of your racing bike with a damp cloth. Use water or a cleaning liquid for this. You can get special cleaning agents and cloths in the bike shop. However, never spray the cleaning agent on the frame, as it can get into the bearings and destroy the lubricating film that is needed there. If you use water for cleaning, use it sparingly and never direct a jet of water at the sensitive groupset.

Clean and oil road bike chain

Before you oil the chain of your racing bike, it should first be cleaned. To do this, switch to the smallest gears at the front and rear. This will relax the chain. Now take a cloth and spray it with thin oil. Run the chain through the cloth in your hand by turning the crank. In this way, dirt and grime can be removed from the chain. If the chain is very dirty, it is worth cleaning it thoroughly with an old toothbrush and the appropriate cleaning agent.

In order to then supply the chain with new oil, this is applied to the inside - where the chain actually comes into contact with the chain ring and sprocket. To do this, turn the crank again so that the oil can be distributed evenly.

Clean bicycle brakes

Before the first tour starts, the brakes of the bike should also be cleaned and checked. It is important to check whether the brake blocks are still wide enough to generate sufficient braking force. If a scraping noise occurs when braking, this could be an indication of unwanted pads on the brake discs or rims. If this is the case, dirt particles should be removed with a cloth. Then test again whether the brakes really work reliably.

Check tires and air pressure

If a wheel has not been moved for a long time, small cracks or other damage to the rubber of the tires can occur. If such defects are found, the tires should be replaced. In addition to the condition of the tires, the air pressure must also be checked. The value given on the tires gives a direction for the ideal air pressure. However, it depends on the individual driver and route. In general, it can be stated as a guide that the tires should spring, but not jump or feel spongy.

Check and adjust circuit

Last but not least, caring for your racing bike also includes checking the gears. If the gears cannot be changed cleanly, the circuit should be readjusted. If the corresponding YouTube tutorials cannot help here, a specialist can be asked to set the circuit correctly.

If you follow these cleaning and care instructions, nothing stands in the way of long road bike rides in nature.

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