Ryzon Signature Bike Recycled


We bear the responsibility - for our environment and the climate. It's time for a change. It's time to rethink. It is up to us to protect our precious planet and to use the available resources responsibly. Because we only have this one earth. With the fully recycled Signature Bike Set, Ryzon creates a first symbiosis of performance and sustainability. It represents the next logical step on the way to a responsible future.


ECONYL® is a nylon fiber manufactured through a complex process. The special feature here is the production from existing materials, which have exceeded their actual service life. Industrial plastics such as fishing nets that float in the seas after use are sorted and cleaned to recover all nylon content. The reclaimed nylon can be recycled indefinitely with no loss of quality. An alternative for the future is obtained from waste. 

Ryzon Signature Bike Recycled

Signature bike jersey

The bike jersey made from recycled materials impresses with its soft feel and individual fit. This is ensured by the ECONYL® processed on the front of the cycling jersey in conjunction with a minimal proportion of elastane. The back fabric of the jersey is made from fully recycled polyester. Elastic ends with silicone also give the light jersey a special hold. It is quick-drying, breathable and protects against UV rays. A combination that makes the recycled jersey ideal for rides from spring to autumn.

Ryzon Signature Bike Set

Signature bike bib shorts

The Bike Bib Shorts create the ideal connection between rider and bike. The processed ECONYL® makes the cycling shorts breathable, sweat-absorbent and adapts perfectly to the contours of the athlete. Due to the combination of an individual fit and a light compression, it has a low air resistance. The breathable straps made of high-quality mesh fabric and the antibacterial padding ensure perfect protection on long journeys and thus increase well-being on the bike.

Ryzon Signature Bike Set Recycled

The signature bike set. The next step towards a responsible and sustainable future.

The collection already consists of many products, some of which are made from recycled or certified materials, such as the front material of the Generator Bike Jersey or the Radius arm and leg warmers. With every new development, in addition to the highest quality, the goal in all areas is to use sustainable and responsible resources. More recycled products will expand our collection in autumn. The Signature Bike Bib Pants, the Signature Longsleeve Bike Jersey or the Scope Athletic Hooded Sweater bring us one step closer to our goal.

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