Project Horizon // Jonas Deichmann

Project Horizon // Jonas Deichmann

Jonas Deichmann - a man whose life is an adventure. For him there are no norms, no ready-made paths. He goes his own way, from which he will not be dissuaded. His only constant companion is his bike. With which he tries again and again to redefine his own limits - physically and mentally. Whether world records, circumnavigation of the world or little adventures on the bike, he lives his dream.
Jonas Deichmann, Horizon Project

How it all began

Jonas Deichmann was aware early on that his later life should be an adventure. Growing up in the Black Forest, he had every opportunity as a child to fully live out his childhood adventures. But first he wanted to graduate from school and study international business in order to pursue a career in management. Jonas quickly realized that traveling by bike - his great passion - was just as important as studying. He took twice as many courses in the first semester in order to start his long-awaited bike tour around the world during the semester break.
Jonas Deichmann, Horizon Project Two days of a semester abroad in Singapore are enough for him to realize that this noisy, crowded city is not what he imagined. He flees into nature. In a beach bungalow on a small island in the middle of Malaysia. Since there is no compulsory attendance, he can concentrate fully on his studies from there. Everyday life, consisting of jogging on the beach, snorkeling in the sea and learning alone in the hammock, makes him so balanced and happy that learning has never been easier for him - "A success from whatever angle you look at it". Without sitting in the lectures and seminars, he is one of the best in the semester.

"I had learned and proven to myself that I don't have to follow the path of everyone else but instead can follow my own and achieve my dreams".

Jonas Deichmann, Horizon Project Jonas experienced his master's degree in a similar way to his bachelor's degree. Registered in Copenhagen, Jonas lives most of the time in Spain, Brazil and India. He graduated from university in the top 10% within the standard time, learned new languages ​​and traveled the world. All in all, Jonas travels around the world over a period of four years, always during the semester breaks. Started in Singapore, went through New Zealand, Southeast Asia, India, Iran to Europe and finally ended in South America. After completing his studies and circumnavigating the world by bike, he decides to return to Germany to work for an IT start-up for two years. Jonas is doing all this just to gain experience and save money so he can start his own business.

Since 2017, the 32-year-old has been what many consider impossible - an adventurer. After crossing Eurasia (14,000 km) and North and South America (Panamericana, 23,000 km) unaccompanied in 2017 and 2018 and completing these routes in record time, he set himself the task of completing the third continental crossing in 2019 . From North Cape to South Cape. 18,000 km. Completed in 72 days. 30 days faster than the previous record time.
Jonas Deichmann, Horizon Project

Jonas Deichmann, Horizon Project At the latest after this adventure, Jonas is no longer only known among the experts. We are very proud to welcome Jonas to our team for 2020. This year he already has another impressive expedition behind him. The Jordan Trail. A route 740 km long with 57 climbs and 20,000 meters in altitude. Jonas and his companion Axel finished this one faster than ever before. It only took the two of them an unbelievable 120 hours to complete what is probably the most demanding route they have ever driven.

Further projects by Jonas will follow.

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