Project Horizon

Project Horizon

The Project Horizon. Created to show what we are capable of when we take the first step. When we set out to break new ground. Our unique planet is full of adventure. New places, unknown cultures, unlimited freedom and unforgettable encounters.

Horizon Project

It is the people who put themselves in situations that are unpredictable, who face challenges and are courageous. People like us who don't set their own limits. They manage to free themselves from everyday obligations and norms and give in to their passion. It is the harmony with oneself and nature that carries them. Meter by meter, driven by your own will. With this unique fighting spirit, energy-sapping phases are overcome. It is the encounters with foreign people and cultures that make it a unique adventure and result in lifelong friendships. Defining goals that initially seem impossible. Pushing boundaries and making the impossible possible. This urge, this sense of achievement drives them.

From now on, Project Horizon will tell you unique stories of fearless people and take you on completely individual journeys that show you that adventure awaits us anywhere, if we are ready for it. There are gravel bike rides through areas that locals advise against or entire continent crossings. But also people who are initially inconspicuous but write undiscovered, emotional and inspiring stories. People who share our values and bring great things into the world.

Get involved and become a part of this story.

Ryzon Project Horizon

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