On her own

On her own

30 days. 3,500 kilometers. A great bike adventure.

In August, Wiebke Lühmann cycled alone from Hamburg to the North Cape. Her longtime friend Fabienne Engel accompanied her with the camera. The result is a film about traveling alone, about self-realization and freedom. A film to encourage. To set off and broaden your own horizon.




I have a very great basic trust in myself that I adapt to what happens along the way. Also of the strain, of cycling. A basic trust that I can make realistic decisions. And can also manage my fears and my doubts.

For Wiebke, life is about exactly that: being free and broadening your own horizons. That's why her goal for 2022 was to drive from Hamburg to the North Cape. Without planning an exact route, she simply drove off at the beginning of August and camped wildly the first night. Throughout the trip, it was particularly important to her to remain spontaneous and always be guided by her own needs.

Wiebke Lühmann / On her own

It's about being good to myself every day and making the right decisions for me. That's what traveling is all about.

After 30 days and 3,500 kilometers she finally arrived at the North Cape - exhausted and tired, but happy, full of contentment and gratitude. The impressions, the self-awareness, the people, the nature, to have grown beyond yourself - no one can take that away from her.

With the film about the journey, Wiebke wants to inspire and touch people. Empowering them to find their own adventures and dare to set out. And she did it together with her best friend Fabienne from school, who filmed, edited and produced the travel documentary. Most of the film music was composed and produced by Claudia Döffinger, a RYZON colleague from Cologne. That's also what it's about: celebrating a project by three women. Empower each other and make each other visible.

Wiebke Lühmann / Norway

What is your next adventure or project?

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