120 Tage Triathlon-Extrem mit Jonas Deichmann in Roth

120 days of extreme triathlon with Jonas Deichmann in Roth

Extreme athlete and adventurer Jonas Deichmann is taking on a new challenge: the Challenge120. He is currently completing a long-distance triathlon every day  for 120 consecutive days. And what could be a better place for this than Roth, home of one of the largest long-distance events in the world?

We take a closer look at Jonas Deichmann's new project and the Ryzon equipment that accompanies him in the Challenge120.

The project

Jonas Deichmann is known for his extreme endurance performances. From his triathlon around the world to crossing the USA twice on foot and by bike, he has repeatedly pushed the boundaries of what is possible. His new project, the Challenge120 in Roth, is no exception. Roth, known for its legendary triathlon competition, offers the perfect backdrop for this extraordinary challenge. Jonas currently completes a full-distance triathlon every day: 3.8 km of swimming, 180 km of cycling, and 42.2 km of running. And he does that for 120 days in a row!


As Jonas' partner, we have equipped him for the cycling and running course in Roth. With such an extreme challenge, the demands on the equipment are extremely high, as every detail can contribute to saving energy and improving performance. Jonas burns over 10,000 calories a day, so every watt saved is crucial. Our equipment aims to ensure maximum comfort and high efficiency.

On the bike course

On a 180 km bike course, aerodynamics are the main focus. Jonas relies on the following equipment:

      • Verge Aero Tri Race Suit: outstanding aerodynamics and minimized air resistance
      • Radius Aero Tri Calf Sleeves: further increase aerodynamics and support the muscles
      • Signature Cycling Jersey & Generator Arrow Sonic Bib Shorts: cycling kit as an alternative to the Verge Suit, which ensures maximum comfort and performance
      • Signature Cycling Gilet / Signature Cycling Rain Jacket: protection in changeable weather conditions without compromising freedom of movement

On the running course

The focus during the run is clearly on comfort and ergonomics to minimize strain over long distances and maximize efficiency. We've equipped Jonas with the following Ryzon products:

      • Phantom 2in1 Running Shorts: the perfect combination of freedom of movement and support
      • Phantom Running Singlet: lightweight and breathable for optimal temperature regulation
      • Aura Graphene Ultralight Race Cap: protects against the sun and supports thermoregulation
      • Phantom Athletic Rain Jacket: indispensable in changing weather conditions, keeps you dry without restricting your freedom of movement


>> Discover all the products that Jonas is using in the Challenge120.

Your support for Jonas

Jonas can be found in Roth every day from May 9th to September 5th. Anyone who wants to is welcome to accompany him while he swims, cycles and runs. The central meeting point is a specially converted van, which serves as his mobile transition zone.

Information for companions 

Show your support off the track

That's easy: with the specially designed Rhythm T-Shirt in the Challenge120 design. The best thing about it: not only do you motivate Jonas for his challenge, but you also support a good cause at the same time. For every t-shirt sold, 10 euros goes to the youth division of the Roth Volunteer Fire Department, which voluntarily supports the Challenge Roth every year and thus makes a significant contribution to the success of the event.

The t-shirt is available both online and on-site at Jonas' van.

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