Behind the scenes // ReLine

Behind the scenes // ReLine

As athletes, we are always on the move. Our aspiration is never to stand still, to keep evolving and to enjoy the freedom to go our own way. Together we have been chasing our own shadow for six years, always with attention to detail, creativity and ease. Our products are constant companions on our adventures: the rain jacket is reminiscent of the cold spring ride, the cap of the morning run at sunrise and the suit of the first competition. In our everyday adventures, however, things can quickly go wrong. You get caught on a branch and your pants rip open or the zip seam breaks when you try to close the jacket in a headwind. With our repair service we would like to contribute to making most of these accidents quickly forgotten and equipping the clothes for the next adventure.

But there are also cases where you send us garments that we cannot repair or recycle. That is particularly unfortunate. Because today, less than 1% of clothing collected for recycling is turned back into new textiles or garments. The majority is further processed for low-value purposes such as insulation before being incinerated or landfilled.

Our products are designed to accompany you for many years. Because it is clear: every single RYZON product also uses resources from our home planet. Most of the environmental impact of our products comes from the production of the garment. It is all the more unfortunate when it loses its functionality as a result of an accident and can no longer be used as a whole.

However, individual components such as the material of the product, pockets or zippers can still be used depending on their condition. As part of her bachelor thesis, our colleague Tina made it her mission to save these lost parts and breathe new life into them. The result is several unique pieces that are as unique as the history of their components.

With the ReLine project, Tina, together with RYZON, wants to go one step further towards the circular economy by extending the lifespan of RYZON products and creating unique items from them. Tina wanted to deal with the clothing in the same way that you would take your bike to the workshop or repair it yourself. Upcycling not only allows the products to be reused, but even gives them an enormous upgrade.

Tina decided to design a possible bikepacking collection. Various pockets, storage options and accessories offer practical space for objects to be transported. The deceleration of traveling on and by bike is reflected in the concept of the collection. Thoughtful upcycling is an art. And besides, it's a form of taking responsibility, as part of the fashion industry.

The result of this elaborate precision work is absolutely worth seeing. The resulting unique collection will not be available for purchase, but may be exhibited for viewing. That was also the focus of the ReLine collection: it was not about the interest in selling the products again, but about the question of what RYZON can do to create added value from the products at the end of the product lifecycle.

Maybe this collection will also serve as an inspiration for you to create something new from old clothing.

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