Repair service

Each of our products is developed in Cologne down to the last detail, extensively tested, and manufactured for you in close cooperation with our producers in Europe.

However, if one of your Ryzon products should ever have a defect, we offer you our Repair Service within the EU. Often, it is not necessary to replace the entire product. Instead, we can repair it for you. This way, we save resources together and promote more sustainability in sports. If your repair is from outside the EU, please contact us at and our customer service team will help you find a solution.

Please note: We only repair products that were purchased more than 60 days ago. Products that you bought 60 days ago or less can easily be returned for a refund.

How it works

  1. Click the button below to register a product for repair. You will receive a free shipping label.
  2. Send us your freshly washed product with the shipping label. Please note that we do not repair unwashed products.
  3. We will check the condition of your product.
  4. Your product will be repaired by us on site or in Portugal by our manufacturer.
  5. As soon as the repair is done, we will send your product back to you free of charge.
Register your repair

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Which products can I have repaired?

We only repair products purchased more than 60 days ago. Products purchased 60 days ago or less can easily be returned for a refund. If an item is irreparable, we will try to find another solution with you.

In general, the repair service also applies to products that are not covered by the right of return. Unfortunately, we cannot repair the following products: Socks, caps, hats, neck tubes, scarves, arm warmers, leg warmers, knee warmers and overshoes.

What are the costs?

If it is a production defect, we will of course cover the cost of the repair. If you are responsible for the defect, the costs are usually between 10€ and 20€.

How long does the repair take?

As soon as we receive your item, we will inform you about the estimated duration of the repair. Usually, we need 2-4 weeks to process your repair. Please note that this does not include the delivery time to and from our office.

Do you offer crash replacement?

Yes, if your Ryzon product is damaged due to an accident or crash and its function is significantly impaired, you can take advantage of our Crash Replacement Service. We will replace your damaged Ryzon product at a discounted price.

Please register your damaged product for repair and provide us with a brief and precise description of the event that has led to the damage in the message field. We need this information as a reference point for the evaluation of your defective product. Our service team will then discuss the further procedure with you.

My Ryzon triathlon suit is damaged and I have an important race coming up. Can you help me?

Yes, in such a case you can use our emergency service for triathlon suits. We will help you quickly and easily with a replacement suit from our B-ware stock until your own suit is repaired or replaced.

Write us an email with the subject Emergency Suit Service to Please include the following information in the email:

  • Model, size and color of your suit
  • Type of defect (please attach photos if possible)
  • Place and date of your competition
  • Shipping address for the replacement suit

We will get back to you as soon as possible and discuss the further procedure with you. Depending on the urgency, we will ship your replacement suit within 1-5 days (if necessary, also with express shipping). Please note: We may have to use other suit models or colors in consultation with you.

After the race, we will organize the repair of your defective suit or the process for a new one with you.

My defective product is already a bit older. What do I have to consider?

For a repair, your order date must be after June 1st, 2021. If you would like to have an item repaired that you purchased before June 1st, 2021, please send us an email with at least two pictures of the defect to the following email address:

Subject: Repair request order date before June 1st, 2021