What road bike clothing should I wear in spring?

The right clothing for the road bike in spring consists of the right layering, optimal protection for the legs and the right bike essentials:

Finally there are the first sunny days in spring and the temperatures are slowly getting warmer. Everything smells of spring and we as racing cyclists get the urge to finally get the bike out of the basement and enjoy the first rays of sunshine. But which road bike clothing is the right one to ride comfortably in spring when the temperatures are still fresh and the weather conditions are changing?

The right layering

To be properly prepared for any weather condition, it can be very helpful to dress in layers . The first layer as underwear could be a light base layer . The breathable material of the base layer keeps sweat away and ensures that we as road cyclists don't get cold. A long-sleeved cycling jersey can be pulled over this. This ensures a pleasant micro-climate and keeps the middle of the body warm. Over the jersey we can either wear a thin, breathable rain jacket that keeps us dry even in rain showers, or a thin bike vest that protects against the wind. Both the rain jacket and the vest should pack up small so that they can easily be stowed in the back pocket of the cycling jersey when the sun comes out.

protection for the legs

For the very first rides in spring, long or short cycling shorts are recommended, depending on the temperature. The cycling shorts can be ideally combined with leg warmers or knee warmers. If the temperatures are even cooler , long, insulating cycling shorts should be used, which optimally warm us cyclists. On warmer days, cycling shorts can be the right choice. Combined with appropriate knee or leg warmers , it is possible to react ideally to any temperature. The knee and leg warmers offer a windproof outer layer with a warming inside. If the temperatures rise during the trip, the companions can simply be taken off.

The right bike essentials in spring

Especially in spring, when the weather changes constantly during the day and we don't know what temperatures we should dress for, the right essentials play an important role in our cycling outfit. In addition to leg and knee warmers, which can easily be combined with cycling shorts, there are also arm warmers that can be used to complement short cycling jerseys. All can be easily stowed in the jersey pocket as soon as the sun comes out thanks to their small pack size. Two other important companions in spring can be overshoes and gloves . Both offer optimal weather protection due to their water-repellent and insulating materials and can also be easily removed if necessary. The same applies to the neck tube or headband for under the helmet. The neck tube protects the neck region from unpleasant wind and the headband protects ears that are sensitive to cold. Don't forget a pair of merino socks for your feet. They offer us the ideal balance of insulation and breathability on spring days.

With these tips, we are ideally equipped for changing weather conditions in spring and nothing stands in the way of our first bike rides.

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